Memory game

Print pictures (click on the color ) and cut them out. Mix them and put them on a table upside down. The goal of the game is to find two matching pictures.The first player turns up 2 cards : if they match he/she wins a point and takes the cards out of the game ; if they are different , he/she puts them back where they were and other players try their luck, attempting to remember where the different unveiled cards are.

Cards for memory games to be printed in pdf (2 boards)

Game of visual recognition

For each child, you need a list of words related to the story and a color of 12 pictures. The child has to cut out the words of the list and to paste them under matching word of the color sheet.

To print the game in pdf, 1 click here, 2 then here

example of transcription of one sentence into images . To find the transcription, the board recapitulating the totality of the actions and the characters has to be examined carefully

Game to find out the meaning of a sentence

For each child you need a sentence and a color of 12 pictures.The child has to find out the meaning of the sentence and to transcribe it to pictures, which he/she has to select carefully from the color sheet. See example « the thief attacks Chickenhalf ».


To print in format pdf, click here and here for the sentences and here for the pictures.



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