Worksheets related to the story

Maths: counting

Put in order the 8 sequential images corresponding to the stages of the story.





Associate a quantity with a number
Make bags of 7 coins (click on the image opposite)
Labels representing the animals of the story
Count and indicate quantities in a table
Labels representing hens
Color the requested quantity
Distribute eggs to each hen
Maths: locating
Concept of open and closed lines
Following a path
Coloring according to codes
Concepts of left- right
Order the letters of the word “HORNETS”
Recompose a sentence
Put in order the letters of Chickenhalf
Find the word “hen” among others
Find the characters of the story
Write the words of the story in capital letters
Decorate this bee (click opposite)
Decorative graphics : continue the decoration Find the label representing those defending Chickenhalf (click below)

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