A comics of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk
(experiment a new technique on each page)

cover : technique : acrylic and rubber brushes


p1 : technique : gouache

Jack, we have nothing to eat, we must sell our cow. Go to the market and sell it.

OK, mum.

p2 : technique : collage and wax pastels

I give you a magic bean that will grow to the sky, and you give me your cow.

Ok !
2 cows to cut and glue in pdf

p3 : technique : gouache

I exchanged our cow and I got five magic beans.

You're crazy, now we have nothing, go to bed without eating.

p4 : technique : ink and pastel

Jack climbs down the beanstalk.

p5 : technique : ink and black acrylic

I'm lost and I'm very hungry, would you have something to eat?

Come in quickly and hide yourself, because my husband is an ogre, he eats children. Stay in your hiding place until he ate, I'll call you.

p5 : collages catalogues et felts

It smells like fresh meat. Don't you hide one of those delightful children?

What are you talking about? Eat this succulent lamb that I have prepared.

p6: collages et felts

I'll count my money, little hen, just lay an egg, and harp, I play music.

p6 : felts

The ogre fell asleep. Jack takes the money, the hen and the harp.


p6: colored pencils

Jack went back down the beanstalk, the ogre has followed Jack cut the stem with an ax


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