Doli and the Fairy
summary: Doli is a small obese girl, whose parents are also obese, and following a misfortune, her meeting with a Fairy will change her life…
Doli is a small girl like other girls or nearly like the others, in a family like other families or almost like other families.
One day  a terrible misfortunes happens: The Dol'sMom falls down the staircase. She breaks her  knee. Upon learning the news, her dad has a heart attack. An ambulance takesDoli's Ddad and Mom  to the hospital.
A lady leads Doli to the Social Services Department, where she will be taken care of while her parents are sick. There are other children.
For Doli, life is not always easy. Here, it is the same. Everywhere she goes, she is called “fatty” and people makes fun of her. Children are not always nice and do not understand that it makes her unhappy. Doli hears  that her Mom was too obese to be operated on and that her Dad would not have been sick if he were not obese.
Doli cannot sleep and cries. She misses her Mom and  Dad.She wonders why they all are obese. Perhaps nothing would have happened if they had been slim ?
A lady appears. She  is beautiful and nice, with a golden dress.
“I see that you are very upset. I came to help you.”
“All that happened  because we are too fat. My Mom would not have slipped and…”
“Do not worry any more, I have a solution. To become like others, you must learn how to  cook well.
“- But the other ladies will not want…”
“- Do not worry, I am theCooking Fairy , I will come only at night.Trust me and soon your problems will be solved. See you tomorrow for your first lesson.
The following day the Fairy comes to fetch Doli for her first lesson. She comes with a very beautiful, very large and very clean kitchen.
To day you will  learn how to make a balanced  breakfast: What is it you can eat  for  breakfast?
Help Doli and say all that you usually eat  for breakfast in France.
- Then, Doli, what do you want to take for your breakfast?
- Slices of bread, croissants, hot chocolate, Coke…
- Stop! You cannot take croissants and  bread the same day, because it is the same food family. And  Coke, you should not take one every day, especially not in the morning because it is very sweet, bad for the teeth and makes you get fat. I suggest you  a peeled orange .
Doli eats the delicious orange,  slices of bread and drinks a hot chocolate, with semi-skimmed milk.
It is already time to go back. See you tomorrow!
The following day, the Fairy is back, and here they are again in the beautiful kitchen. Today, we  will not yet start cooking, but I  promise, we will start tomorrow. To begin with a small lesson,keep in mind  these categories of food:
1 fruit and vegetables, (green)- 2 meats, eggs and fish, (red)  -3 sugars (pink) - 4 starchy foods (yellow) -  5 dairy products (blue)
Eat well and not too much  to avoid to put on  weight means to eat  every day a little  food of each category and to be physically active.
Now, we will play a game: you win if you succeed  in having a diversified meal.
Game: Select  the things which you want to eat during the day. To win, you should not have chosen more than one pink food item and  eaten one of  each kind of food. Select three food items for lunch and for dinner, and two for  breakfast and  taste them.
Doli played  during all night. “You have made good progress, I see you tomorrow.You will learn how to cook.”
The following day, the Fairy takes her along to her magic land : Doli walks through a large market: “You said  to day I would learn how to cook.”
“- Yes, but my refrigerator is empty, you will buy the products that we need. Take vegetables": but  Doli does not know  much about vegetables, carrots and potatoes excepted.
She  prepares for the noon meal :
- goat cheese of Chavignol on a small salad, salmon in aluminium foil on a bed of fennel, a compote.
For the evening
-A vegetable soup, a slice of bread  with camembert, a fruit salad
-A few weeks later, Doli has made much progress in cooking. She  is much thinner. Nobody is making fun of her  any moret. She also plays sport, because the Fairy explained to her that if she watches  TV one hour, she  must do a half hour of sports.
Doli  goes back home. Her parents are cured. She will teach them how to eat well. But when she tells them that the Cooking Fairy  helped her, guess if they believe it?

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