Location  in a square graph
All cards have either crosses or circles . The goal of the exercises  is to reproduce the model (left) on the empty grid ( right) either by filling the squares with crosses or by coloring the circles. An A4 sheet can contain more exercises if the number of squares is lower. The cards can be laminated or photocopied.

Example of worksheets with  36 squares Example of worksheets with  36 circles
Easy worksheets- from 9 to 36  squares or circles

For worksheets with  black or  colored circles, Children can  color or stick gommettes. These worksheets take thus  a longer time to fill. It will be easier  to photocopy the worksheets with  black circles and laminate those with colored circles.



Average level worksheets - 49 squares or circles

example of card which you can  color or fill with sticking gommettes (49 circles)


Difficult level worksheets - from 81 to 144 squares or circles


 Give to Children a method to succeed in making the exercise:for example" Proceed line by line and  follow lines with a rule".

example of card with 144 boxes


Cut out and place the insects into the empty grid as they are placed in the small grid.

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