How to make cheap puzzles ?

1-Print the documents.

You will find opposite a summary of the available topics.

Choose a topic and click on it :you will see all puzzles related to that topic
You can then either choose a puzzle, click on it ,
and print it , or download the whole range and print it.

2-Second step: prepare the back of the puzzles to prevent that
pieces mix with oneother.

On the card to be printed, pieces are in shape of rectanles to be cut out.
Make a distinctive sign on the backside of each puzzle, for instance
draw a yellow line going through the back of all pieces of one puzzle and
do the same with a different color for each puzzle: thus when you put
several puzzles on one table , children at that table do not get the puzzles
mixed up.

3-Third step : laminate

4-Fourth step: guillotine the puzzles

5-Fifth step: put the pieces of each puzzle together with the model in a bag.

If no laminating machine is available, put the pieces of paper into an envelop in a bag;

to make the puzzle, the child will have to stick the pieces on another sheet.