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lotto of syllables: a simple and funny game to play after having studied syllables (rather at the end of the year )

How to play Lotto of the syllables?

How to play Lotto of the syllables?

This game can be practised with a whole class. Each child receives a grid of 9 syllables. On each A4 above, there are 12 grids, those left are easier because the syllables “are arranged”, those right are intended to the most advanced children in reading (each grid is different, with different syllables).

The teacher says the syllables one by one ; children strike them out of their grid when they have it. The child who has first deleted all the syllables of his/her grid is the winner.

To make the game more attractive, a stake can be put, the winner gains something (candy, gift…). You can also decide that syllables will be proposed by children ;for instance the child who answers the following question first may choose a syllable : "find a word beginning with the syllable RA". The fastest child has then to select a syllable from his/her grid to propose it to the class
Other examples of questions : find words which begin with “RI “PA” “RU”… or which finish by “ing” , or find a word of 4 syllables….You can also put questions related to other fields (maths for instance) or let children write a word and select the one who wrote best,….

So that everyone can follow, write the selected syllables on the blackboard. The child who strikes out the last syllable of his/her grid must say “bingo” and show his/her grid for a check by other children.


Cut out and stick each syllable under the picture that begins with it 

Cut out the syllables and stick them in the order to form the words

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