Relay race- Races with objects

Children are divided into 3 teams, carpets are laid out on the ground in length to make tracks, shoes are placed at the end of each track ; children on all fours have to go to the end of the track, take a shoe , bring it back and put it into a basket ; the second child of the team can then go and fetch a shoe: the team which first will have brought back all its shoes is the winner. Of course a child can only pick up one shoe at a time .

Here above, children must follow the track kneeing with a ring (wreath) on the head. If they let the ring fall or touch it, they have lost. If they reach the end of the track, they win, the big winner is the one who arrives first.

Four tracks of 4 carpets are laid out in the courtyard. The children make the race on their fours, the first who touches the end of the track wins. You can also do it as a relay race (you need more space) : children go there and back on the track and pass an object to the following child of their team. The winning team is that whose children finish the race first.


Relay race with a ball . The idea is to cross a space while pushing or carrying a ball. (You can also for example ask the children to push the ball without using hands nor feet)

Relay race “ crawling under others”

The class is shared in 2 groups (or more), laid out in 2 lines of players on their fours, side by side ; the last of each line must crawl under his/her classmates towards the head of the line. The team whose members have all made the exercise wins.

Here above, the principle is the same but children have to roll forward on the track.