Long jump

Several carpets put end to end make a track of race, and the place where the child must jump is marked by a blue carpet which symbolizes the river : « it is prohibited to put a foot on it, you must jump over it as far as possible and thus gain points (from 1 to 5) if you have jumped further than the river ».

This training has great success by the children, it is like a game and encourages them to surpass themselves, because they can note their progress according to the number of points they get, and it allows them to spend their energy within a small space. It requires the presence of the teacher to measure the points, at least at the beginning, afterwards, you can entrust it to a child.



. Here, the child crossed the river (blue carpet) and jumped beyond the line marked 5 and got 5 points.

Colors are also a way of measuring a performance: the child gets a number of points according to the color he/she has reached. .

Track race for jump: the carpets are blocked by a chair at one end and a bench at the other, to prevent carpets from slipping.