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Pandas: cards, posters and questionnaire
Maths: enumeration
Associate a quantity with a Number
Associate a quantity with a number (hen)
Associate a quantity with a number (bee)
Count animals
Count animals in a table
Count fish in a table
Count insects in a table
Count butterflies in a table
Indicate the number of points on the ladybird
Make bags of 3,4 or 5 animals
Give 10 eggs to a butterfly
Count insects (6-9)
Give 3 eggs to a hen
Additions (various animals)
Maths: location
Color a rooster and follow the color code
Concepts of "left"  "right"   topology… (hens)
Classify roosters by size
Classify foxes by size
Smaller or larger (with various animals)
Copy the model of a rooster in geometrical pieces
Putting in order images about the birth of snails and the transformation of a caterpillar  into a butterfly
Grids with various animals ( tortoises, elephants, fish...)
Algorithm on a snail
Puzzles (various animals)
Help a hen to find the way to its chick
Place insects in the squares of a table
Move in a square graph (card with cats, dogs, goats, rabbits)
Reproduce a model of owl
Put in  order the letters to make the word “hornet"
Put in order the letters to form the words “snake, crocodile”
Color the letters of “lion, zebra, crocodile”
Color the letters of “caterpillar, butterfly”
Color the letters  of 4 animals of the jungle
Find the word “hen” among others
Find the names of animals among others
Find the names of animals with identical letters
Find 8 names of animals with different Letters
Find 10 names of animals with different Letters
See words “caterpillar, butterfly”
Cross words  with animals of the jungle
Visual Arts
Dogs of Haring
Make the animals of the story "the Bremen town musicians"
tactil snail
A butterfly with flowers
Giant African animals
Card with a hen
Basket with a rabbit
Fresco with monkeys, pandas, ducks
Masks of animals
Placemats with snails (Aude Arnoux)
Mobiles of bees, elephants or hens
Frescos with owls, butterflies
Models with pigs
Game for a Charity about  the wolf
Fresco with hens
Bunnies and hens of Easter
Color a cat, a rooster, a donkey, a dog
Coloring pages
Decorate a hen
Decorate the ladybird
Decorate an owl
Decorate a fish

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