Activity which calls upon mathematics, graphics and manual work

You need :

- A stencil  of fir tree out of cardboard 
Click here for a ready stencil  
- gold or metallized pencil
- green construction paper
- round gommettes (colored stickers) and gold or silver stars

1 - manual work: attach the stencil on green paper and  let each Child make a tree  with a lead pencil.
2 - Let them  cut out the trees.
3 - graphics: let them  draw garlands (as on the white stencil above ), with a coloring metallized pencil (look closely at the picture to see a garland on each fir tree)
4-mathematics: Tell the Children  how many  stickers of each color they have to stick  and check the results.
5 - Hang the fir trees on the walls, ( where you have free space), to create small forests and a  “Christmas” atmosphere.

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