Hats of Wolf, Bear and Frog

How to make these?

You can see the necessary material below (the salad bowl must fit well on the head of the Children)


Strips of newspaper

Steps to be followed

Take the salad bowl and to cover it with aluminum foil.

For frogs, attach 2 balls of cotillion with wide brown scotch tape, in order to make  2 bulging eyes

Soak the strips of newspaper in glue for wallpaper and  cover the hat with it , making several layers (the more layers you make, the stronger  the hat will be).

Let dry if possible on a heater.Cut off pieces  sticking out. 

Make a stencil  for the muzzle (lengthened for the wolf, pointed for the bear, in the shape of half circles for the frog). Paint with the acrylic paint .


Staple the pieces together, sew a ball of cotillon as a nose at the end of the muzzle, add  ears, eyes and nostrils.
Put on a rubber band.

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