Hat of Wolf
Created by  Evelyne JEU - Kindergarten  Boissière

Make a mould
Produce the  papier mâché hat

Take a salad bowl which  fits  the head of a child. Cover it with aluminium foil. Then cover the bowl with strips of newspaper which you will have coated  with glue for wallpaper.Cover with several layers in order to make it a strong mask.
Let dry on a heater.
Cut two triangles  out of a cardboard sheet and staple them on the mask as the ears .Do the same for the muzzle. Thread a styrofoam ball as a nose.

Paint the nose with gouache or  acrylic paint. Cover the hat with crépon paper strips.Glue the eyes (orange crepon paper), the teeth (white card board), the tongue, and  insert the moustache (pipe cleaner). 

Attach a rubber band to make the hat stay on the head.

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