Wolf  Masks out of papier mâché 
Make a mould

To make a mould, it is necessary to take a round aluminium cake mould as a base and :
- either to make with salt dough a form on it resembling that of a wolf then cook it . It takes longer but the mould is  stronger.

- or to wrap the aluminium mould in newspaper and attach it with wide strips of scotch tape.  Put more or less paper around the aluminium mould to give the shape. Make an  obvious nose. It will be faster but requires skill .
In all cases cover the mould  with plastic film.

.Make the papier mâché mask
Coat the mould with liquid paraffin (Vaseline) to facilitate the release from the mould.
Take strips of newspaper and  coat them with glue for wallpaper. Lay them on the mould adapting them to the shape of the mould. Make several layers in various directions, don't forget to coat  the sides as well.The more layers you put, the stronger  the mask will be.Don't put too many layers where the eyes will be, in order to facilitate the cut out.
Let dry on the heater, for one to three days according to the quantity of glue.
Make 2 holes for the eyes and 2 holes for the rubber band. Paint the mask with acrylic paint . Paint a black nose with  acrylic paint. Make holes for the  pipe-cleaner wire and  pass it through as whiskers.
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