Decorated  Boxes  
To make these decorated boxes you need  carboard boxes. (see pictures below)
To cover the boxes, you can use paper napkins ( use only 2 folds from the towel). It is the technique used here for most of the boxes.
Alternatively you can  use special  thin paper called " déco patch" (to be obtained in Arts and Crafts Stores ). It is much easier for the children. You cut small paper rectangles for them to put on the boxes alone.That paper is expensive.
As a third option you can use tissue paper. (which is easier than paper napkins and less expensive than  “déco patch”paper ) but there are no motifs on  tissue paper.You can add the motifs of towels or those of "déco patch" .
Coat the lid with glue (white glue is appropriate) and  cover with the napkin,  cut the edge which is in excess (don't cover the interior, otherwise  the lid will not fit any more to the bottom). Make  the same  with box bottom, and let  enough uncovered space at the top for the lid to fit. Let dry a few minites and lacquer.Children may want to add brilliant decorations, let them glue these decorations before lacquering. Don't spare  lacquer.
Boxes have been then filled with clay decorations. (to see how to make these decorations , click here)

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