Father's Day card

Card for Father's Day with a gift inside (in the small pocket)

How to make the outside of this card ?
You need: oily pastels, ink, blue construction paper, scissors  , serrated scissors.
Make a multicoloured graphics with the oily pastels,  ink with yellow ink and  cut out with the serrated scissors , glue on the background.

How to make  the interior of this card ?
Each child must sketch himself  with felt pens and write “Happy Father's Day dad” in a bubble made with white paper which he will cut out and glue on the card. Glue a pink cardboard and write "Gift" on it. Decorate with all surface felt-tip pens, spangles and gold felt pens.

What is the gift hidden in the card ?

how to make it ?
Cut out a heart out of shrinkable  plastic : this plastic will reduce and  harden when heated in an oven, therefore the original object must  be 6 times larger than the final one. Color with an all surface felt-tip pen or with a colored pencil.

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