CARD in shape of a HEART

How to make the outside of this card ?

You need: red cardboard, corrugated cardboard, glue, stencils in a hearts shape, all surface gold felt pens 

Using the stencils cut out 2 red hearts  and let them hold to eachother by one side.Fold to make it one heart. Cut a heart out of corrugated cardboard. Go with the felt pens along each wave .Glue the corrugated cardboard heart on the red heart.




How to make the interior of this card ?

material: a heart-shaped  punch, colored construction  papers, small decorations (spangles, pearls…)

Make many" twists "as shown on the picture below on the left. When the card is opened, the hearts will  jump  up as you can see on the next picture. Twist are made following the same principles as used to make a garland : take 2 paper strips, glue the ends together, and  pass alternatively a strip on the other. Attach the second end with a scotch tape.

Glue then the twists on the inside of the card, glue on each twist a punched heart . Use various sizes, colors and  decorations ( spangles or pearls).

To finish, cut out a heart in blank paper, and write on it “Happy Mother's Day Mom”, and decorate.


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