Placemats in linogravure.
To make small images appear in the center, place the arrow over them.

How can you make Platemats with the linogravure technique?
You need a plate of glass like the one shown opposite, otherwise you can use the school table. Paint the plate with gouache paint. If the gouache is too liquid, add a little flour to make it thicker. Let Children  make a drawing with a cotton tip applicator or a plastic spatula. Tell them that the layout must be simple and that its lines must be broad. (too narrow lines will quickly be re-covered by the gouache ). Lay a paper sheet above the painting and press slightly without moving the sheet . Withdraw it .You obtain the kind of Platemat you can see above. You can repeat the operation with the same drawing, but it will be lighter and more blurred. Children usually prefer the first drawing and adults the second. (see pictures below)



On the left, 1st impression, on the right the 2nd one

Decorations around the Platemats are made with dried leaves. You can also glue small coloured feathers (sold in stores) or other small objects.

As a last step laminate the Placemat( size A3 in above examples ). To use the Placemat as a Placemat  the drawing should be made not as a portrait but as a landscape .

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