Cartoon Card for Mother's Day

Outside of the card: shutters which one can open
Shutters are opened : you see a self portrait of a Child saying “Happy Mother'sDay Mom”,as in a  Cartoon
Inside, a system of pull knob makes it possible to read a message inside the heart: “Dear Mom , I love you so much”
Steps to be followed :
1 - On a small piece of paper Children make a self portrait
and write  in a bubble “Happy Mother's Day Mom". Glue the paper on  the front page
2 - Let Children make the  shutters: they should be identical
3-Glue the shutters on each edge
4 - Make a heart using a stencil,  cut out a rectangle in the center of the heart to allow to slip a message there:see model below.
5 - Very important: glue only the edges and the point of the heart on the card in order to leave  place to the system of pull- knob
6 - On a yellow cardboard,sized in width as the rectangle of the heart, children write the message. The letters must be about centered. Attach a violet pull knob behind the cardboard with a scotch tape.
7 -  Slip the pull knob behind the heart and place it on “Dear Mom"
8 - When you pull the knob you see the continuation of the message…
9…and the end.

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