How to make these musicians ? Click above to see the  musicians  enlarged  
Make a metal support ( preferably out of  aluminium wire).Stick it  into clay or modelling clay. For the head, use a ball of cotillion ( paper or styrofoam). Make a dress : on whhite cardboard  draw and cut out a half circle and  make  a cone  of it ; glue it and  place it around the wire.

Wrap the aluminium wire with plastered strips, and  cover the cone with them. The plastered strips dry very quickly and become resistant. Buy a rol (more economic) rather than  small pieces. Just soak it in water and you can start covering  surfaces and creating forms. It is a wonderful  material!

Paint the dolls with acrylic paint and complete your work by painting a ball of cotillion (paper or styrofoam) for the head and making a dress of fabric, a hat with a shell, hairs with a net (such as used to pack fruits ). Use a multi surface  felt-tip pen to draw a face, make a guitar out of cardboard, a flute with a small piece of wood decorated with the felt pen, tom-tom with a pot covered with tissue paper…

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