To make these Skiers require meticulousness, which is only possible within small groups. It is also easier to make with older Children. It is an ideal target for Parents who want to make an object with their Child.

You need:
a clothe pin
a rubber band
a tooth pick
a ball of cotillion (paper or styrofoam)
wooden sticks(such as used for ice creams)
pipe cleaners, wool

 Take a clothe pin and a rubber band Position like this and put a tooth pick in between Put the rubber band around the pin and the tooth pick  Stick the ball of cotillion on the tooth pick as a head, roll up the pipe cleaners around the chest and  the legs
Glue wool or a plastic net (such as used to pack fruis or vegetables) on the head, glue the skier on the wooden sticks (if possible with a glue gun).

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