Ideas of covers for notebooks

Thanks to  my Colleagues of the Boissière School and of other Schools for having  allowed me to take pictures of  their  covers for books
Red acrylic paint  plugged with inking pads on a yellow gouache background. Jessica Grégori (Children of 4 to 5 ).
Blue or red inks and glue spread with a paint roller ; spangles
Jessica Grégori (Children of 4 to 5).
Inks plugged on the sheet with a sponge
Jessica Grégori (Children of 4 to 5).

Ink plugged with a roller then  collage of paper of the same color, but different tints (metallized crêpe paper, bright paper…)
Melanie (Children of 3 to 4)

Oily chalk and ink
Corinne Lavoisier, Conty, Somme
(Children of 4 to 5).
Oily chalk and ink
Corinne Lavoisier, Conty, Somme
(Children of 4 to 5).

Drawings made  with plugs and a black inking-pad
Aude (Children of 4 to 5)

Drawing made with felt pens
Brigitte Blaisse (Children of 4 to 5)
Silver ink and pastels
Aude (Children of 4 to 5)
Ink and coarse salt
Florence Salanié (Children of 3 to 4)
Pearly paint mixed with glue, spangles spread with a roller
Cecile Christien (Children of 3 to 4)
Glue  and blue or pink inks spread with a roller.
Traces of ink made by objects (small cars, légos…) Colette - Children of 4 to 6   Kindergarten of Rueil Malmaison
Cuttings out  the outlines of the various parts of the hand (children  spread the thumb and auricular fingers)
Ink and graphics with the gold and silver  felt pens
Ink and coarse salt, print of a hand soaked with  acrylic paint.
Ink blown on the sheet
Evelyne Jeu (Children of 5 to 6).
stencil, ink and acrylic paintings
Ink and coarse salt Ink and drawing made with brown ink
Aude Arnoux (Children of 4 to 5)
Ink on wet paper
graphism, ink, and drawing gum
paint with roller
lines and points
pastels and ink

If you want to share your techniques and contribute to this collection of covers, send  pictures of your covers
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