Techniques with various paints
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Acrylic paint and pastels
Color a surface with oily pastels. Cover with acrylic paint (here black). Scrape with a pointed object.

Ink and acrylic paint
Make the outlines of a drawing with acrylic paint (a dark color) and  color with ink

Acrylic paint, inks spread out with a card (for instance a credit card)
(Technique by Florence Salanié)
Paint a sheet with inks and acrylic paints and  spread  them out with a card. The 2nd example is on a black background, without ink.

Oil-based paint
(Technique  by Aude Arnoux)
Take oil-based paints and  dilute them in oil. Add water, oil goes up on the surface. Mix the colors slightly and  pose the sheet on surface. Lift the paper  and let it dry. Pay attention: the sheet remains a little oily.
Powder painting
Take paint and  dilute it with water. The children like to mix the pigments. Then  make  the powder stick directly or scrape it with a fork.
Acrylic metallized paint, ink and metallic sponge  (A Technique of Aude Arnoux)
Spread out several colors of acrylic metallized paint (you can by a pack of them), and rub slightly with the metallic sponge  (you could do it also with a comb), let dry and paint with ink
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