Techniques with paper
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Wet crêpe paper  Cut out small pieces of  multicoloured crêpe paper, wet them quickly and lay them on a paper sheet. The crêpe paper fades and leaves a colored print  on the white support Javascript On  metallized paper  with paint for  stained glass
Make a drawing with a lead pencil on metallized paper, then  color with paint for stained glass
Very wet crêpe paper

Torn newspaper and ink
Tear and stick paper strips,  paint with ink with large brushes and don't hesitate to  mix colors

Tissue paper pellets
Make small pellets out of tissue paper (of the size of a nail) and  stick them quite close to eachother  to fill a surface.
with gauze and ink (Florence Salanié, Children of 3 to 4 Kindergarten Boissière)
Unfold the gauze ( or not) and glue it on a background. Paint with several inks.

Paint for stained glass on transparent plastic sheet 
Take a transparent sheet of plastic such as used to cover  a report ,  paint for stained glass and border lead paint . Make outlines with the border lead paint,  let dry and paint with the  paint for stained glass.

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