Using Geometrical Shapes
Fresco representing  robots put together with joints and made  from geometrical forms. (wiggly eyes, two-pronged fasteners)
Houses drawn with pieces of dry chalk and based on geometrical forms. Lacquered.
Click on the small image to see the mural Fresco of Evelyne Jeu
Geometrical forms have been used as stencils. Outlines are made with the lead pencil then redrawn with rubber resist medium. To learn more about this technique, click here. Then color  with ink :diluted ink is used for the image  on the left above , pure ink for the image on the right.
Man painted  with  gouache paint made of geometrical forms. The outline is made with a black feltpen.

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How to make these paintings ? Group Children in 2s and have stencils of geometrical shapes of various sizes. They draw outlines of the shapes with the lead pencil. Then they l paint with ink, including with gold and silver inks. Finally  they redraw the outlines of the shapes with all surface gold and silver felt-tip pens  and  make free graphics inside.


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