Calendar  made with salt dough

You need: salt dough (make a large quantity of it), shells,  gilded or silvered spray, string of rafia.

 Make a rather thick wafer and inlay the shells; make 2 holes to pass the string. Bake, then spray the gilded or the silvered spray and glue  the calendar.


Calendar in the shape of a heart

You need : a cardboard stencil in the shape of a heart  , colored ribbons, silk paper

Draw the hearts with the stencil,  cut them out.  Glue the calendars in the middle of the heart. Make many small balls of equal size with the silk paper . Glue them as close as possible to each other. Use a scotch tape to attach the ribbon ends behind the heart.


Calendar patchwork

You need : various papers (for instance wallpapers), gilded paper, a piece of cardboard, a calendar
Cut out paper squares and glue them on the cardboard. Make gilded paper strips and cover with them the junctions of the wallpapers. Glue the calendar and with a scotch tape attach a string at  the back of the cardboard.

Calendar on metal for embossing
(creation Evelyne Jeu, Kindergarten Boissière)

You need : a thin metal sheet  for embossing, paint for stained glass

Draw graphic designs on the metal sheet with a lead pencil. Paint with the paint for stained glass.

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