Mobiles for Christmas

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Created by Evelyne JEU
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You need : a small  plastic bottle(125 ml), a large ball of cotillion (paper or styrofoam), cotton, a net (like the plastic net  lemons or other fruits are sold in ), corrugated cardboard, red acrylic paint, a thin red strip of fabric, glue, sweets.

Paint the plastic bottle  in red and glue ball of cotillion and cotton to make the beard. Glue a strip of red corrugated cardboard on the back of Father Christmas to make his arms. Put sweets or other gifts into the net and attach it on the neck of Father-Christmas with a narrow strip of fabric (it looks like a scarf). Draw his face and  hang him up .

transparent fir

Fairy lights
Necessary materials :glossy paper , glue, scissors, serrated  scissors .

Take  a rectangular  sheet of  paper, and make  cuts (as shown below ) along the dotted lines.Form a cylinder and glue the vertical edges together.


Mobile fir tree (Created  by Melanie Didriche)

Using cardboard stencils let Children cut out 2 fir trees and decorate them. Let them fold the trees and glue them together.

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