Drawings  collages
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A few very beautiful drawings  made by children alone.

Created  by  Evelyne Jeu ,
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Stained glass to be exposed  through windows : makes superb effects in the evening,  far superior to what you see on the picture .





Created by  Aude Arnoux - children of 4-5 years 

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Snowman within  a frame made of collages. Men are made of different size circles of  white paint , orange paper for the nose, mobile eyes. The frame is made  by gluing on alternatively papers of various motifs and a ball of crumpled silk paper.


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These paintings have been made with large size stencils  (A3 size) which you can by from trade. The  paint used is gouache paint ; the result is improved with spangles, and a rim made with gilded felt .


Collage nursery school

Fir tree made of candies 

You need one or more stencils of  fir trees, red bright paper, scissors, glue,  scotch tape, all kinds of candies…

Use the stencils to draw  fir trees  and  cut them .Wrap  candies which are not yet wraped  in the red bright  paper , glue or attach the candies on the trees with the scotch tape.


Christmas  drawing

You need : inks, oil pastels, gilded and silvered felt-tip pens.

Make an outline of the drawing with  the pastel and color some parts of it. Ink. Redraw some elements with the felt.

with plasticine


Checker with Christmas drawings

You need : white, red, or black sheets of paper, silvered or gilded felts, multisupport felt pens.
Children have to make a drawing related to Christmas


Christmas trees and stars
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material: gilded glossy paper , glue and scissors green paper

Each child draws and decorates  a fir tree and a star, then cuts them out.

Stained class window

Window decoration

You need: punches,  paper and  stained glass paper of various colors.

Cut strips of paper  and punch at regular intervals . Stick behind stained glass paper. Makes a beautiful effect at night as each punched motif shines as if it was lit.


stained glass

You need  : a  transparent plastic sheet, border lead paint , paint for stained glass, punches, glossy paper, turpentine, paint brushes.

Delimit zones with the border lead paint and  let dry. With the paint for stained glass,  color the various zones. Glue the small subjects which you will have punched.

Summary Christmas drawings
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