Decorative plate

plate filled with cakes and confectioneries prepared by the children

Necessary material to make these Plates :
- special glue
- and special paper called “déco patch” , (special thin and bright paper to be obtained through catalogues of do-it-yourself stores or in arts and crafts stores). You can do it with paper napkins, but it is much more difficult, especially for children  below six.
-you need also flat polystyrene boxes( preferably with a clear bottom)
- scissors and thick paint brushes.


 Cut  pieces of paper of average size. Glue them on in order to cover the polystyrene box outside first then inside. Use large brushes. The glue should be painted with a brush on the boxes and not on the papers .  Glue acts as a hardener and a lacquer: due to the glue the boxes become rigid and bright ; after drying the glue becomes transparent instead of white.

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